Sunday, March 18, 2018

Republic of Korea ROK Forces in Vietnam

I haven't posted to this blog in a very long time...but there has recently been some feedback on a Republic of Korea (ROK) forces cover. I thought I'd post a few more here as well. I'll note the division based on research I did a decade or so ago...and may get corrected :)

Southern Cross

Blue Dragon


White Horse

Cover Markings "decoded"


  1. Well, one at a time... ;-)

    The third envelope from the top (Blue Dragon division) is from a sergeant (병장) "stationed in Vietnam" (=주월) named Kim (=김홍태) who was part of the security section of the military police of the Blue Dragon division (=청룡 헌병대 보안과).

    The letter went to Lee (=이진호), a corporal (상병) at military headquarters (of the reserves?) (사령부 보충대) in unit 7282.

    The black square hand stamp says "Blue Dragon military mail" (청룡군사우편). The red circular hand stamp says "(already) censored" (검연필) by "nr. 30xx" (can't read).

    Observation: I did a quick search for pictures on Google for 군사우편. It seems most (all?) of the 1960s postal codes starting with a 7 are part of the military postal system, like is the case in both addresses on this envelope and the addresses on the other envelopes on this page.

    By the way, if you copy-paste 군사우편 and do a Google search you will find quite some modern examples too.

  2. Thank you very much for the details!

  3. No problem, will work on the others when I find the time.

    By the way, please join the KSS if you have an interest in Korean philately. Membership is free(!) at the moment, please see about this. That way we could (also) interact through the KSS website, there are much more knowledgeable people in the KSS than me when it comes to military mail.