Monday, May 31, 2010

Le Minh Dao Cover from KBC 4027

In January 2009, I illustrated two covers sent by Le Minh Dao. I was fortunate to acquire another cover (two-thirds of one at any rate) sent by Le Minh Dao from KBC 4027, the National Military Academy in Dalat, to Le Hoang Minh via the Quan-Buu military post. The postmark year date is illegible, but I am going to guess it is November 1956. The blue KBC cachet is unusual in both its color and size.

The envelope contained several small portrait photos. Can anyone confirm if these depict Le Minh Dao as a young man?

Below, Le Minh Dao is shown in this photo together with Ho tan Phat at the opening ceremony of the Cho Gao Electricity company.

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  1. You probably have an answer by now since this post is a few months old, but the two photos of the TQLC on each side are of Le Hang Minh, Le Minh Dao's brother who as you may know was KIA in 1966. The center photo looks to me like it is "probably" Le Minh Dao as opposed to Le Hang Minh.