Friday, June 8, 2007

ROK White Horse Registered Cover

The Korea Philately journal apparently hasn't been published in a while, so my request for assistance identifying ROK covers is still with the editor. I will try some other avenues to get info. In the mean time, I picked up some new ROK forces covers at NAPEX. I will add them to my web site when I have a chance.

The illustrated cover has what I assume is a registry label affixed. I haven't seen this before.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    This posting is from 2009, don't know what you've learned in the meantime. But that's not a registration slip, it's a postage due slip. Please see here for an example of such a slip on every day Korean mail:


    1. Hi Ivo

      I've not updated the blog in quite a while (as you observed!) but I do appreciate the comment. It's been challenging finding reliable info about ROK military mail in Vietnam.

    2. By the way, is there anything on the back of this cover regarding a date? There is nothing visible on the front showing a cancellation date, maybe on the back there is?

    3. No, this cover doesn't have a back stamp. There is a handwritten address on the back but that's it

  2. I added a few more ROK Vietnam War covers to share