Wednesday, February 14, 2007

National Police Training Center

Sent in 1960, this cover contains a love letter from a woman in Khanh Hoi to her boyfriend at the National Police Training Center in Vung Tau.

The Rach Dua training center, under Colonel
Nguyen Van Be trained police (Canh Sat Quoc Gia), undercover police and youth member forces.


  1. I think there is a mistake in the date 1966 instead of 1960. Khanh Hoi is not near Saigon but it is in Saigon next to Calmette bridge.At that day, people liked to be a police more than a soldier because it's a half-military.

  2. To me,Mr Nguyen Van Be had more the appearance of a politician than a police because he didn't reveal some good manners with elegant features of a police. A police will have some venerably imposing characters: The way he goes, the way he looks, the way he raises her hands is very different. There is something of friendly and attractive traits in their gestures. When a police was trained in National police training center with a primary course with experienced old trainers, he would be very special. Once, we have faced a traffic jam at the border of Saigon river near the Calmette bridge. People in the bus to Nha Be were very worried, they thought it would take at least three hours to wait polices to make the street in order. An old men told us he would help people to remove this jam. We were very surprised, we didn't know why all of the people in this disorder followed the way he guided easily. No more than fifteen minutes, all of the vehicles were arranged completely and went on to circulate. People in the bus whispered that he was a former VIP but I thought he was an old police with white uniform.

  3. Thanks for sharing your comments. In regards to the postmark date, it is definitely 1960. The enclosed letter is dated 1960.