Saturday, January 6, 2007

River Assault Group to Phu Quoc Prison

River Assault Group 23 (GD23XP in Vietnamese) was stationed in Vinh Long province in the delta. The cover was sent from patrol boat 1533, according to the letter's contents.

The cover received a nice Hai Quan Viet-Nam (Vietnamese Navy) military mail hand stamp on sending from KBC 3323.

The cover was also hand stamped with a military police insignia, depicting crossed pistols over a star. The recipient was a military policeman from Company D7 on Phu Quoc Island, served by KBC 4286.

The handwritten note at the bottom of the envelope,
“thu 0 nguoi nhan xin hoan lai kbc 3323," means “unknown recipient, return to sender”. The MP insignia handstamp was probably applied as part of the return routing.


  1. Great Blog!
    It's interesting that the cover was a return to sender. I have a small grouping of covers from the same individual in KBC 4286, in the same company. These letters were all either sent by him or he was the recipient, but none of them have return to sender stamps. Do you know the date of the cover you have? I can't quite make it out from the photo. Regards, Darwin

  2. Interesting that you have a group of covers related to this individual. Are they similar in appearance?

    The enclosed letter is date 18 May 1972. The postmark looks to begin with a '2' so perhaps the 20th.

    Thanks for sharing. Andrew