Tuesday, December 5, 2006

More Bogus NVN Material on eBay

EBay seller 'archiguy' continues to list bogus North Vietnamese "local" stamps. Here's one from a current auction listed as a "Vietnam ANNAM Local stamp 1954 LKV 5 Ho Chi Minh".

Previous contacts to this seller to acknowledge these items as fake only resulted in him making his bidders' IDs private - presumably to prevent anyone from warning them to use caution. The seller has positive feedback so winners are either unaware of the item status or they are happy paying decent sums for bogus items.

Caveat emptor.

1 comment:

  1. that's why eBay has turned off a lot of prospective buyers/sellers, unfortunately. Too bad eBay doesn't "forward" emails as they should, of potential pitfalls...let the buyer make an INFORMED decision. Also it would be nice to have a little stamp marked "REPRINT" or "FAKE", I would use this on all the German State reprints I run across :-)